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What some have said about me

Nikolaj Mogensen

Head of Quisma

I have always told people close to me that Christian was the most talented person I have ever worked with - I still believe in that.

Through a period of two years Christian and I worked closely together on the GroupM SEO offering. Two years where the SEO product and level went up to new heights via Christian's curiosity and relentlessness to deliver best in class SEO for clients.

Christian's role as SEO lead was to handle our most difficult SEO tasks at hand together with developing SEO products and pushing the overall level of competencies of our specialists and in the agencies. A role that Christian succeeded in and I would work with Christian anytime again.

Going from junior to senior to lead within 2 years tells about Christian's talent and his ability to learn extremely fast, understand complex technical and statistical issues at the same time as understanding business drivers or clients. Being extremely direct and outcome oriented the effectiveness of Christian's work is stunning. Something a truly admire him for.

I give Christian my full recommendation both professionally and personally. I would never hesitate in working together with Christian again. Thanks!

Lars Nørgaard Graversen

Global Head of SEO at Autobutler

I had the pleasure of working with Christian. In my 15+ years experience in online marketing, Christian is the "craziest" guy I know - and I love both him and what he does.

This young marketer taught me so much. The new-age approach on how we front our clients with a bit of edge, know-how and skills. This is what Christian does and excels in.

Christian proved to me that if you know what you're doing, and you got your data and numbers right, you can do everything. During the time I worked with Christian he refined all our analysis reports and brought them all to a higher level. He educated the client and the agency client team to a higher level.

Christian has a unique skill. This guy seems to see something that I and my colleagues never did. Whether it was basic SEO, advanced SEO, client management, client service or you name it, as one combined unit. Talking about it, pushing it, selling it and delivering on it.

I had never seen 360 degree SEO before I met Christian, now I have. That is why you should hire him.