Get The Tools I Use To Grow Traffic

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What you get (some are under development)

The tools below will vary in importance for you, but keep in mind that these tools are worth thousands of dollars in the right hands.

Bulk CTR Analysis

Use your Search Console data more intelligently. Perform a bulk CTR analysis in order to identify untapped potential or find the reason for ranking drops.

Content (Planning) Calendar

There are some expensive scheduling services, but they don't have a simple intuitive interface. If you enjoy Excel, then this content calendar will fit you well.

Backlink Value Calculator

What is the value of a link or link campaign? This calculator estimates value based on search data, web analytics data and finance calculations (future cashflow).

Email ROI Calculator

How aggressive should your email setup be? How fast should you 'burn' your leads and how will it impact the finances of your company? This calculator gives direction.

Google Trends Python Script

Tired of looking at singular keyword in Google Trends? Run this Python script to check a full list of keywords in Google Trends. Lets call it a pseudo API.

Robotic Textgenerator

Robots don't make typing errors or miss details. I use robots to write my texts in multiple languages. I am quite certain you could use this method too.