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Some of my strongest skills

I have a very special set of skills that, at the moment, means that I am not make me the perfect boss or inhouse specialist. However, my consultancy hours are so sought after that I can be selective, because my skillset is indeed needed - just primarily for a set time.

Advanced Technical SEO

I have worked with some of the biggest platforms in the world (like HBO Nordic, Just Eat and Tripadvisor) because I excel in advanced big-setup technical SEO. My big data SEO analysis has yielded actionable insights for the client every single time.

Growth & Scalability

Most of what I set out to do is scaleable. Whether it is robotic textgenerators that writes in multiple languages, scraping the interwebs for fast paced expansion or analysing a international platform in terms of potential SEO gains. Scale is essential.

Data Analysis & Insights

Am I the best programmer for a big data analysis task? Probably not. However, I might just be one of the most pragmatic and insights driven data analysts. I don't look for errors I look for opportunities. My studies in economics and statistics is a big advantage.


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The latest posts on the blog

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