Zoios is a Leadership Platform that could change the world.

There are no other platforms that out-of-the-box manage to collect and unify multiple data sources to empower Leaders as well as People & Culture. Our AI engine enables completely transformative insights to become actionable for both executives, department leaders and managers... Learn more about Zoios...


We're on a mission to better the lives of a million people.

Mikkel, my co-founder, and I have always been very clear about this. Zoios will, and need to, better the life of 1.000.000 people - likely through a better worklife. All the data insights in the world don't matter if it doesn't have an impact.


Constant effort to change the status quo.

The World has never been so rich, had so few early deaths, so little war and so few poor. At the same time, we increasingly struggle with depression, loneliness, stress and low levels of well-being. Things need to change.


I'm driven by people, tech, data, and impact.

As a trained economist with an insatiable appetite for data, and a heart full of leadership, I find great purpose in leveraging data and tech to fuel progress and inspire change.